Ecodesign Bundle

Featuring the world’s most consistent & transparent life cycle inventory database.

It lays the foundation for your ecodesign, with over 13,300 datasets.

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During the trial, you can connect and work on an unlimited number of products and materials as open data (CC-BY) and analyze up to 20 unique premium product and material datasets.

The price for the Eco-design Bundle after the trial is € 99.- per month per user, without any applicable taxes. It can be cancelled at the end of each month.

If you decide against the Bundle or we do not hear from you, your access to the Bundle’s features will end after 7 days and we’ll downgrade you to a free account without any charge.
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What other are saying

Makersite is an easy and quick way to evaluate impact, cost and risks of making products. I truly believe this is the way forward; more transparency, collaboration and sharing of knowledge. To work in isolated silos simply doesn’t make any sense at all.

Johanna Tunlid, Sustainability Manager at Above